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Our Painting Process in Spanish Fork, Utah

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Painting as an Experience


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  • Always answer the phone and with enthusiasm
  • Gather appropriate information about your painting and other home or business service needs for today and the next 12 months
  • Answer questions as needed
  • Follow up with an email
  • Send out a monthly newsletter about the happenings of our family business and our home and business maintenance partners
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  • Schedule a property walkthrough
  • On-time arrival or call ahead to reschedule
  • Remove shoes inside
  • Share our company story and what makes us different 
  • Take notes about the work requested 
  • Answer questions
  • Determine the kind of experience you expect 
  • Provide an estimate, including the details of the work we'll do, which paint to use, the time frame and the costs


If performing inside work, we remove our shoes or put on shoe covers. We'll review your estimate and the services you requested as well as any other services you will need during the next 12 months and update the estimate as required. We will then introduce you to our team members onsite and begin the work.


If we need to move your furniture, we will move all items to the center of the room and take down the blinds.


We cover all unpainted areas we work near with plastic to protect the floors and furniture from drips.


All cracks, corner bead, dents and texture repairs will be done early in the process to allow time to dry prior to painting.


We will wipe down any dusty or dirty surfaces, such as baseboards, tops of shelving and tops of door frames as needed.


We will re-caulk all baseboards, door jams, window frames and anywhere that the old caulk is cracked or missing.


All loose paint will be removed.


We will lightly sand all areas to allow proper adhesion for the top coat.


All areas will be properly prepared with spray primer on newly textured surfaces. Painters will then cut in along the edges of the room or ceiling and then roll the center area. All areas where paint is requested will receive two coats of paint.


At the end of the job, we will remove all masking from windows, doors and floors, remove all empty paint cans and take all waste materials to our workshop. We also vacuum and clean any loose paint chips or unwanted paint.


Our project leader will do a full walkthrough and inspect the site to make sure the quality matches our highest standards. After the inspection, we ask you to do a final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction with the work prior to paying. Finally, we will ask you what we could do better on our future visits.    

We Are Enthusiastic About Painting


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